Essay writing is one of the most important aspects of an average students’ life. Students need to write essays to excel in their exams. Essays also play a vital role in the overall grade one receives in their graduation, which means that they also affect the average GPA.

Students face some challenges, when it comes to writing essays properly. It does not mean that some of them don’t find essays to be a walk in the pack, some of them do.

Challenges Students Face When Writing Essays

Students face challenges when writing essays, term papers and research proposals. The following are some of the common ones:

– Lack Of Proper Guidance

Students depend on their professors for ideas on how to write their essays. Most times a given professor will have his or her preferences with regards to formats, word count, and style. When a student misses out on their teachers’ guidance for some reason, chances are quite low, they will get the essay writing right the first time.

– Problems With Formatting

Formatting is everything, when it comes to paper writing, especially when you are writing advanced papers like research proposals, course works, and research projects. The reason why many students struggle with this kind of formatting has to be in the complicated manner some essay writing formats are set, and the insistence of the professors.

– Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a very huge factor affecting college students, who want to write their term papers. Research carried out by Penn State, has shown that students plagiarized works are results of poor preparations. The reporter also states that many of them plagiarize work when they don’t know that they are plagiarizing other people’s works. Yet in reality, students can become masters of the essay writing game by always staying on top of their essay writing game.

– Inadequate Writing Practice

Practice is everything when it comes to writing good essays that can earn you a good grade. For one to become good at what they do, they have to learn to practice at all times. You need to stay on top of your essay writing game through practice.

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