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14 May 2015

Admission Letter

It is quite hard and sometimes impossible to determine clearly the purpose of your life. In the initial stage of our development, we mimic our parents and family members confusing their goals with ours. Later on, we find ourselves in the abundance of choices where the wrong decision can cost the ability to express oneself, to get satisfaction from life, and eventually to get lost in the path of self-identification. Therefore, it is crucial to realize personal potential and to direct it into the right path. Yet, this task that seems so easy at the first time definitely got a lot of people perplexed giving neither answers nor directions. In my personal path towards self-identification, I walked through many roads and I believe that I have finally found my place in the world.

While it sounds too trite, to my personal point of view, the final purpose of every human being is his or her ability to find oneself in the chaos of myriads options and choices. During my journey, I have realized that it is crucial to be socially connected to other people, to interact, and to help. Of course, there are a lot of professional fields that require personnel to be communicable, social, and helping. At the same time, throughout my life I came to a conclusion that a number of professional areas that deal with people do not require compassion, empathy, and care. For instance, while working in the banking sphere I realized that the corporate goals overvalue the needs of its clients and interaction with people is reduced to the provision of the product. Eventually, it became clear that I need something different.

Until I encountered with the work of physician assistant (PA), I could not determine where is the final destination of my journey. The ability of PA to make an impact on human life providing help and care with compassion and empathy became a revelation for me. I believe that my self-identification has reached a logical conclusion, as the possibility to implement my personal strengths, experience, and a keen desire to work in this field make me a valuable asset. At the same time, it might seem not enough for the professional field to accept me into its ranks. There are tons of candidates that apply for this degree with valid education, self-identification, and capabilities. However, there are several features that can make me a valid physician assistant.

First of all, I came from a diverse background that enriched my potential with the knowledge in several rare foreign languages, unique experience, and understanding the needs of the minorities. In the modern conditions of globalization, disproportional movements of diverse population, and technological advancement set the tone I believe that my background can be helpful in the healthcare. When I was working with the physician assistants, I realized that they serve as a bridge between the patients, physicians, and nurses providing the element of interaction and communication. Additionally, during this experience I learned that a large group of patients comes from the diverse cultures usually not knowing the language misunderstand crucial medical information. Such tendency in the contemporary healthcare made me realize that there is a need for the physician assistants like me, who will be able to take care about the minority patients transmitting the essential information between them and the medical personnel.

In addition, I think that the main role of PA is to work under physician’s supervision, which requires certain skills and a state of mind. After analyzing my skills and potential, I realized that I do my best working in the team and especially with the team leader. PA, to my personal vision, is the job for a person who understands the needs of the leader and works further in order to improve the efficacy and quality of services. I have a degree in sociology that can help me in providing better care for patients and assist the physician in various cases. I also have a prolonged experience in working in the healthcare field which taught me to recognize the specificities of work as the PA. Throughout my experience in the healthcare system, I revealed that medicine deals with the analytical aspects, especially in the area of diagnostic that is particularly interesting to me.

Culture and environment of the healthcare system demand the personnel to be empathetic, ethical, and at the same time analytical and firm in order to help and care about the others properly. Such strict requirements are not easy to satisfy if you have only the number of necessary techniques and methods. I strongly believe that the job of PA needs to be done with passion, empathy, and solid ideals and I thing I possess such qualities. Experience in several fields, diverse background, and the degree in sociology are my strengths that will help me to become a prominent member of the healthcare community and a valuable physician assistant who can care and interact whenever it is needed.

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